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All-Natural Liquid TRACE MINERAL Element #49
Original Patented 99.9% Pure INDIUM . . . the Missing-Link


INDIUM Improves Gland Mineral Absorption, for Easy Living
~ Patented power IN a drop ~
~~ 1 mg. Pure INDIUM Per Drop, 60-90 Days Supply ~~
~ Strengthen easily with INDIUMEASE, World Source For Indium ~
After 25 years of research & development by Schroeder and Bonadio and thousands of personal reports from satisfied users, for the first time in history 99.9% pure Liquid Indium advanced-food is available at the advent of the 21st century.

~~ INDIUMEASE ~ THE Silver Bullet ~~
~ You can live without INDIUM, but you may not achieve Optimum Longevity without it ~

The 7th-rarest Mineral # 49 on the Periodic Table, INDIUM, until now was not bioavailable, therefore all plants & animals are 99% deficient. INDIUM is the "Missing Link" unifying two major Mineral groups, for the first time in history INDIUM is made bioavailable by the patented process #6,007,847 for an evolutionary feeling of easy living. What does rare INDIUM do, besides raising average Mineral uptake 60 to 694% ? INDIUM (In) is a soft silvery supermetal discovered in 1850 .05 ppm. in earth ores, insoluble in water so only traces are taken up in the food chain and present in fauna or anima on autopsy.

Indium was first tested in 200 mice compared to 200 controls by Dartmouth Medical School's Dr. Henry A. Schroeder, J.J. Balassa, Marian Mitchner, M. Kanisawa, A.P. Nason, and W.H. Vinton in 1964-68; who reported that INDIUM improved average Mineral absorption in the glands 142%; raised Chromium in all organs average 333%, enhancing Insulin that regulates muscle-building Protein and Carbohydrate energy in mammals.


SAFETY:  Indium is among the safest of trace elements, compared to possible death from taking 48 tsp. of Salt, 70 cups of Coffee, 11 liters of Water, or over 7 Alcohol drinks; safer than Selenium & most minerals.  There has never been a case of human poisoning from industrial use of Indium.  Indium-sulfate was granted F.D.A. “Generally Recognized As Safe” G.R.A.S. status in 1994.  Begin slowly, and Reduce Amount if under severe stress or multiple trauma to avoid too-speedy rejuvenation.  Take in moderation, not excess.  The recommended Patented INDIUM DAILY AMOUNT is 1 Drop per 50 lb. of body weight, containing 1 mg. 99.99% pure INDIUM as Indium-sulfate per drop.  Swallow Drops on back of tongue on an empty stomach upon arising (7-10 hours after last food);  & wait 10 minutes before eating.  Begin taking one drop per day the first week, raising by 1 drop per day each successive week, to normal amount. 

NOTE:  Indium has not been tested by any government agency, nor been approved to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  The above science and testimony abstracts are true, accurate and complete to best knowledge at this time, spoken freely for education and research purpose only, but not intended as medical advice nor implied to give results for anyone anywhere similar to those summarized.  The best-known evidences to date result from objective scientific studies on animals, doctors’ reports, and citizens’ personal testimonies of proper IndiumEase usage of our advanced formula.  Be sure to consult a qualified physician for any health problem(s) you may have.


INDIUMEASE  Tastes Terrifically Tart (like Blackberry or Pomegranate) & Works Wonderfully Well.


INDIUMEASE is Contained in Safety-sealed 1/2-Oz. Eyedropper Glass Bottles,
Packaged 12 per Case

U.S. Price:  $30 per Bottle plus $5 shipping & handling, $35 Total,

$18 Each Wholesale by 12-Pack plus $12 shipping & handling ($228 Total).

~ To ORDER or further Info. Contact (310) 339-9777~


(Reported benefits neither implied, nor guaranteed for others anywhere)



_ _ _ _ Indium water products that are neither patented, nor Generally Recognized As Safe products of G.R.A.S. status; made with undisclosed indium compounds and unknown molecular mutations, of unverified questionable nutrient properties. Some allegedly are lasered for possible toxicity in a non-GRAS form; others in tasteless "homeopathic," "monatomic," or "energetic" dose packaged in xeno-estrogen leachable toxic plastic containers, or taken by ineffective atomizer.

_ _ _ _ Most Indium copycats parrot the benefits of Indium-sulfate, illegally using Bonadio and the Indiumease copyrighted web site information for profit with neither permission nor proven association with substantiated claims. Buyers beware! Use caution with non-GRAS, unproven products with no credible reputation, no clinical studies, no testimonial reports, no track record, of possible disappointing toxic effect. Such untested products may give safe Indium-sulfate vendors a bad name if a copyright product injures someone. We strongly recommend prospective Indium users exercise caution with copycat Indium products of dubious health effect claiming patented benefits.


CAUTION: Non-GRAS, non-sulfate, not-patented Indium products may be hazardous to your health! And could give Indium a bad name and reputation. Report any questionable products to our hot-line telephone (310) 339-9777 for investigation, and if new, earn a free-bottle reward of the Original Patented IndiumEase, THE Silver Bullet.


The Indium molecule is 2-3 Angstroms wide comprised of 49 Protons, surrounded by five Orbits of 66 Electrons. Lasering or altering the fundamental Indium molecule gives an unknown, unnatural, unpredictable, possibly hazardous, fractured molecule that may have detrimental effects or cause free radical damage. See the Indium Molecular Specifications on pages 76-77. Beware of non-patented altered Indium products.





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